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TaipeiInn Group Forms International Mar

 TaipeiInn Group enters an official international marketing alliance agreement with Agora Hospitalities during its General Manager Thomas Ho’s scheduled visit with Agora Hospitalities’ Representative Director & CEO, Ms. Aya Aso in Japan on November 13, 2014.

With four hotel brands (Ambience, Dandy, Hotel73, CityInn) and 10 hotels established in Taiwan under its management since 2005, the TaipeiInn group has been a pioneer in the Taiwanese hospitality industry by transforming hotels into creative cultural platforms whereby local designing talents can be seen and experienced by the multitude of international guests accommodated by the hotels each day.

Whilst the TaipeiInn Group strives to provide the most heart-warming and personalized services to its guests in order to create the “home-away-from-home” experience, Agora Hospitalies’ mission is also to establish trusted and relationship-based hotel alliance networks, hence these customer-driven service philosophies bonded and drove the two parties to form an international marketing alliance.

Founded by a team of experts in hotel operation and property management in September, 2007, Agora Hospitalities began establishing a hotel alliance named “A Collection of Beautiful Japan”, promoting Japan as the best tourist destination in Asia through its 10 unique, design-savvy and relationship-based hotels in Japan. In recent years, Agora Hospitalities has been driving its exposure overseas in order to increase its international visitors and cultivate tourism-minded young people in Japan by forming alliances with foreign partners. According to the statistics provided by the Japan tourism bureau, Taiwan was the second largest incoming tourist market for Japan in 2013, which stated the importance of capturing the Taiwanese tourism market for Japan. Ms. Aya Aso, Representative Director & CEO of Agora Hospitalities summed up the new-formed alliance in a nutshell: “ TaipeiInn Group and Agora Hospitalities share the same mission, corporate histories and future plans, therefore through this international marketing alliance we will be able to utilize and synergize both parties’ industry know-how and experience to promote tourism, cultivate service-oriented staff, and think on a global scale.

Mr. Thomas Ho, General Manager of TaipeiInn Group stated, “In 2013, approximately 1.42 million Japanese people came to Taiwan for leisure or business, making them the second largest incoming foreign market for Taiwan. Due to the significance of this market segment, entering this alliance will encourage resource-sharing, international marketing activities exposure on both parties’ websites as well as staff cultivation. I believe with our similar corporate missions and marketing positioning, this will definitely be a mutually beneficial relationship for us.”